Handmade felted shoes

The wool that we use is hardy and slightly rough, just like the people who take care of the sheep. It is not suitable for thin clothing or subtle scarfs, but it is perfect for long lasting sturdy footwear and has great properties -- water resistant, antimicrobial, self-cleaning.
Undyed natural wool still has some lanolin left, even a few staples of moss or straw, but it is so alive compared to chemically treated wool. And the product is a real pleasure to the feet - breathable, warm, absolutely natural.
We use only natural undyed Lithuanian and European wool for our footwear.
We are glad that Etsy helps us to share products of our land with a touch of our hands with all the world!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. ♥ Buy Ecofriendly. Buy Quality. Buy Woolenclogs. ♥

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